The Human and Hairy Faces Behind Bodhi & The Birchtree

Welcome to our first blog post on our brand new website! We thought we should introduce ourselves a little bit, so here goes! My partner (Glen) and I (Abigale) created our small business, Bodhi & The Birchtree in November 2020. I work on the baking/sewing/social media/packaging side of things whilst Glen works behind the scenes with our stock, wholesale orders and website maintenance. We have both always loved animals and I have grown up around dogs my entire life. Our three year old Working Cocker Spaniel Bodhi is the centre of our universe, and she, along with our previous cocker spaniel Domino who sadly passed away in 2018, is the reason we decided to start Bodhi & The Birchtree. 

  We love all things sustainable and organic. I made a gradual shift a few years ago away from store bought products and began shopping for more ethical, sustainable and organic options, its a huge learning process and I’m not fully there yet but I always try to shop consciously and sustainably! I’ve always had an interest in canine nutrition, and recently undertook a course on it, so I am fully qualified in canine nutrition and also canine communication. 

  We have always been very aware of what we are feeding Bodhi and have never bought her any of the brands that you can pick up in your local supermarket. We got so tired of trawling the shelves to find treats which didn’t have a list of ingredients the length of our arm, most of which we couldn’t even pronounce, and from there we decided that we would start making homemade treats for her. From there Bodhi & The Birchtree was born! Our treats have only 3 ingredients in them, and each ingredient has huge benefits for dogs. We will be sharing the benefits of our ingredients in our upcoming blog posts! In the summer months as many ingredients as possible come from our garden, where we grow as much produce as we can. All of our treats are 100% organic and sustainable - we use absolutely no plastic in our packaging. We are always looking into new ways to make our products and our packaging even better, so watch this space!

  Our Bodhi & The Birchtree blankets, snoods and bandanas are all handmade by my mum and I in our sewing room at home, each one is made to order and we always do our best to adjust sizings to fit particular breeds, so if you are ever stuck on sizing please don’t hesitate to send us an email! 

  Our human side of things is new to us, up until now our focus has been solely on the hound side but for years I have struggled to find an online store where I can purchase all of the organic and sustainable products I need for myself and my home whilst also being able to source products for my dog, and all from small businesses! We decided to introduce this to our own website, and although we are starting off small on the human side, we plan to introduce more and more in time. Our goal is to have an online store where you ca purchase everything you need for you and your hound, all sourced from small businesses. 

  So that’s a wrap on our first blog post, we just wanted to show you a bit about the human and hairy faces behind Bodhi & The Birchtree and try to convey some of our passion for animals and sustainability over to you guys, we hope you will love our shift to a new website with more products as much as we do, we love you guys and from there bottom of our hearts we thank you for all of the support we have received throughout the past five months! 

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