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Bodhi & The Birchtree

Camel Skins

Camel Skins

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Camel Skins are a great treat for your pooch. Made from 100% Camel, with nothing artificial, they are exceptionally long lasting, high protein, and completely natural healthy treats for dogs of all sizes! As a novel protein, camel makes the perfect alternative to traditional beef and chicken chews for dogs with allergies.

Feeding Instructions: 

Feed supervised on a stain-resistant surface as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

100% Camel Skin

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Customer Reviews

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Always supervise!

I bought these after my 4 and half month old retriever puppy had another brand of camel chews, the ones ordered from B&B did not break down as easily and felt exceptionally hard but it wasn’t a concern at the time.

I gave my puppy this chew over two evenings , the first evening he chewed a gummy end and the long end of the chew was solid, the second evening my puppy was happily chewing, I looked away for a split second and he’d swallowed the lot, At least a 10cm rock solid end of camel skin.

After a video call with our vets, they were worried the size of the chew and its hardness may not digest in pups stomach. A very expensive trip to the emergency vet and induced vomiting later, the chew thankfully came out. We were told that the chew wouldn’t have been digested and would’ve caused serious damage to his intestines if we didn’t seek vet help, fortunately he was able to vomit it up, but surgery would’ve been required if he didn’t.

Unfortunately little man has been told by his vets it’s safer for him to avoid chews like this for the foreseeable future.

This is no way aimed at the bohdi and birch tree as a poor review against the company as I will continue to buy from them(just not the chews hahaha ) but a plea to owners, be vigilant , watch your dogs when they’re chewing , if your dog is small or a puppy, or like my degenerate and they will swallow it whole, this chew might not be the best choice for you.