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Flower Snuffle Mat In Lemon

Flower Snuffle Mat In Lemon

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Our Flower Snuffle Mats are probably one of the top most versatile enrichment products we sell. Every simple to use, can hold absolutely any kind of food you could wish for, and wash incredibly easily.

Made using 100% food grade silicone material, our snuffle mats are covered in suction cups on the bottom, making them ideal for sticking to the shower/bath/walls and windows, and ensuring that they don’t slip and slide across the floor when in use. Our Mats are also made using non toxic, eco friendly materials, and are designed to last a lifetime, meaning less waste.

Our mats can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees, making them dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Please bear in mind that our mats are not designed as a toy, please use as you would with a standard feeding bowl and remove when not in use. Our mats are not indestructible when chewed, bitten or played with.

Our Flower Snuffle Mats have so many uses! Here are just a few:

  • Perfect to slow down your dogs daily meals
  • To provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom
  • To relax your dog through licking and sniffing in times of stress
  • To cool your dog down on a warm day (by smearing food on the mat eg yoghurt and freezing)
  • To aid nail clipping
  • For sticking to shower and bath walls to distract your dog


Please note that the flower designs may vary and can be slightly different to photos.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My sprocker puppy wasn’t very keen eating his food out of a bowl but this mat has been brilliant, and as he’s a naughty little pup the suckers on the bottom have proved really useful. I’ve chopped up some carrot and strawberry to add to his regular food the the snuffle game is strong!

Snuffle Mat

My dog is really enjoying having his food from this mat. It keeps him busy trying to get all the food from under the flower petals.His meal lasts long so he is more satisfied. The mat is sturdy and well made. I recommend.

Flower snuffle mat

This works so well for our pup, he loves getting his nose right under the flowers and we can put something to lick on top. He has basically always used it since we brought him home and he eats at a really nice pace, so happy with it.

Lorraine Hartley
Love it!!

The flower snuffle mat is amazing and my cocker spaniel Millie loves eating her meals from it.
Her kibble is sniffed out from beneath the flowers and a little wet food is spread over the flowers so she has to lick it off
Tired pup afterwards so win win 😊