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Food Dispenser & Slow Feeder Ice & Spruce Green

Food Dispenser & Slow Feeder Ice & Spruce Green

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Our Food Dispenser/Slow Feeders have so many different uses - they can be joined together to create a toy which must be rolled around the floor in order for food to fall out of the two small holes on each half, or each half can be separated and the internal ridged design creates a slow feeder which can hold treats and wet food in each side. 

Made using 100% rubber, these treat dispensers go easy on the teeth unlike many plastic dog feeders and enrichment toys. They are soft and can be easily manipulated, with a turnbuckle in the middle of the dispenser, which can be screwed together to secure it. 

Our treat dispensers are great for relieving energy and boredom and encourage dogs to work for their food. They make ideal treats in summer by adding e.g yoghurt and refrigerating for a couple of hours. The design of the internal slow food column means that each half can be used as a slow feeding bowl. 

Please note that this is a treat dispenser not a toy - we recommend you do not leave your dog attended with any of our products and we cannot be held responsible for any damage done to the dispenser - this is designed for feeding for feeding purposes only. 

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Customer Reviews

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Eleanor Lovejoy

I use lots of enrichment for my spaniel, however this is a game changer. I love its interchangeable roles as treat dispenser or slow feeder, I now always feed my girls breakfast from these slow feeders, freezing her goats milk at the base, keeps her busy for at least 25 minutes! Thank you!

Zea & Nancy
Just what I was looking for!

Really love this. So far we've used it for treats but will also be using it for meals 🧡 super easy to clean too!